This program or booklet was created by the San Francisco Chapter of the American Red Cross to celebrate their 50th anniversary of service in the Bay Area. The front cover features an image of a baby wearing the hat of an American Red Cross worker (photo by Corwin Hansen). Inside is a message from Garret McEnerney, II, Chairman of the San Francisco Chapter, date June 21, 1948. The booklet features lots of pictures from various historic events, starting with the Spanish-American War in 1898: soldiers, nurses, a parade down Market Street in September, 1899. Several pages of images from the Earthquake and Fire of 1906, San Francisco: nurse, first aid, Third and Market Streets, smoldering ruins, crowds of people, free meals, tents in Golden Gate Park. World War I in 1917: soldiers at a "Rest House" tent, coffee or donuts being served, Red Cross [Women] Motor Corps drivers, Red Cross Canteen at the Ferry Building, Braille Instructions, Market Street parade of the 363rd Infantry. World War II:parade on Market Street, children at San Francisco's Shriner's Hospital for Crippled Children, military hospital arts and crafts program, Cable Car, Blood Drive, Sunny Tufts, Admiral "Bull" Halsey's Fleet in 1945 (location mis-described as Golden Gate Bride, actually Bay Bridge), liberated prisoners of war at San Francisco City Hall, members of the Junior Red Cross. "Today" [post World War II] showing military veterans, work done with the blind, scense of San Francisco including Kezar Stadium and Fisherman's Wharf, Leterman Angler's Club, argaret Russell with a group of bicycle riding patients from Letterman Hospital, aid to Alaskan orphans, etc. The inside back page lists the administration of the San Francisco Chapter of the American Red Cross which includes some familiar San Francisco names such as Lilienthal, Zellerbach, Mailliard, etc.

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