Letterman Fishermen
5 in HIGH x 6.925 in WIDE
(12.70 cm HIGH x 17.59 cm WIDE)
Gift og Margaret Haneberg

This small black and white photograph has a narrow white border on all four sides. The image shows three convalescing servicemen from Letterman General Hospital on a fishing excursion. Left to right: Ray Darrah, unidentified, Walter Haneberg. They have strung six large fish between two wooden crutches. They are standing on sand and behind them is the same pier in 2008.21.27, which means that this is probably Bakers Beach..

Margaret Russell was a Red Cross worker stationed at Letterman General Hospital during and just after World War II. She worked in entertainment and created outings for the convalescing service men, outings such as this fishing party. She met her husband-to-be, Walter Haneberg (pictured here) while working at the hospital.

Used: publicity | Letterman General Hospital ~ San Francisco | World War II | Red Cross

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