12 in HIGH
(30.48 cm HIGH)
Gift of the Witte Museum, Courtesy of Lola Austin

Tri-fold menu from Van de Kamp's Coffee Shops and Twin Drive-ins in Southern California. Features burgers, malts, shrimp, Mexican food. Wind mill image on front. Restaurant locations on back. According to Doug Gelhart at http://famousbrandnames.blogspot.com/2007/02/van-de-kamps.html: "Theodore Van de Kamp was an ambitious man but like many others his name was still obscure when he died in the 1950s. In 1915 Van Kamp and his brother-in-law Lawrence Frank established a potato chip stand in downtown Los Angeles. The specialty of the tiny family bakery was something called Saratoga Chips. Van de Kamp stressed the cleanliness and the old-country Dutch quality of his operation. His sisters designed traditional Dutch costumes to wear while serving customers and Van de Kamp designed a windmill trademark to place on everything he sold. He hung promotional signs in his window: �Fresh Every Minute� and �Made-Kept-Sold-Clean Clean Clean.� When a selection of beverages were added the Van de Kamps were suddenly in the restaurant business. Van de Kamp built his first retail bakery store in 1921 and, with typical flair, designed the building in the shape of a windmill, authentic right down to the rotating arms. Over the next ten years Van de Kampミs bakery goods spread throughout Los Angeles. When grocery stores gained popularity in the 1930s Van de Kamp established his bakeries just beyond the check out counters and, eventually, into the markets themselves. Theodore Van de Kamp had built a nice business by the time of his death in 1956, a half-century removed from his potato stand. But nothing that would have made his name nationally known. The family business was sold to General Baking Company after the foundersミ deaths, which was later renamed General Host Corp. General Host rapidly left its baking origins behind in 1959 with initial forays into frozen foods, retaining the Van de Kamp name. General Host also retained Theodore Van Kampミs concept of promotion: when it built a two-building frozen food processing factory the plant was built in the shape of ice cubes. Van de Kampミs Frozen Seafood pioneered the battered fish stick in the 1970s, spreading Theodore Van de Kampミs name across the nation."

Used: restaurant

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