American Hero. McCain Presidential Playing Cards
3.5 in HIGH x 2.5 in WIDE
(8.89 cm HIGH x 6.35 cm WIDE)

Vote McCain (on back of each card in the deck)

Single playing card from the "McCain Presidential Playing Cards" deck. Image in the center of the card is framed in a red rectangle. DD: Is the 4 of Clubs and features Haley Barbour holding a map of the state of Mississippi "Miss. Votes McCain." Behind him is a Mississippi riverboat and "Rebuild Gulf Coast." He also wears a button on his jacket, "VP." Haley Barbour Governor of Mississippi."

There is a complete set of playing cards (52) along with two Jokers. The "VP" button refers to the fact that Governor Haley Barbour was one of several unsuccessful "candidates" for the Vice Presidential nomination from the Rebulican party in 2008. "Rebuild Gulf Coast" refers to the deadly storm "Katrina" that hit the southern coast of the United States in August of 2005, doing great damage, especially to the states of Louisiana and Mississippi.

Used: politics | Campaign ~ presidential | Satire | Card game

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