untitled (two figures standing on snow in a rocky landscape)
late 19th century to early 20th century
5.875 in HIGH x 3.625 in WIDE
(14.92 cm HIGH x 9.21 cm WIDE)

paper photo envelope with ad for Kodak Albums and printed store info along bottom, "MARSH & CO. / 712 Market St, San Francisco." Written on verso in graphite, "@ / Crater Lake / Cloned film / [Lollie] Etc."

This is a black and white photonegative of two people standing on a snowy patch of ground in a rocky landscape. At middle-ground center, a woman stands in three-quarter profile holding a snowball. A second person appears on the left, who bends over to scoop up snow. A large boulder appears in the foreground at lower left, and a slope filled with multiple rocks appears in the distance, spanning the upper third of the image.

Used: Oscar Maurer

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