Christmas Card, 1960
7 in HIGH x 5 in WIDE
(17.78 cm HIGH x 12.70 cm WIDE)

"Against the couch he leans, a little boy. / His eyes betoken dreams of some fond toy. / His hair is soft and fluffy, and his chin / Is curved to hold a dimple safe within. / A plump forefinger points in childish way, / As though to emphasize the words he'd say. / His feet are crossed, those eager feet that run / From early morn until the set of sun. / His crisp white suit, all sweet and clean and gay, / Will Keep him clean and sweet throughout the day. / Oh little boy that doth my heart so hold, / You're very mild, and yet you're very bold. / For all these things you do so oft proclaim / Are from a picture in a picture frame. / Poem by Beth Maurer / My Merry Christmas wish for 1960. / Oscar Maurer" - printed in ink on verso.

Christmas card from Oscar Maurer contains a black and white reproduction of a photograph of Maurer as a child. One page card with image on the front and text on the back. The card features a poem describing the image on the card written by Beth Maurer and a Christmas greeting from Oscar Maurer for 1960.

Used: Oscar Maurer

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