untitled (Mother and Child)
late 19th century to early 20th century
5.75 in HIGH x 3.75 in WIDE
(14.60 cm HIGH x 9.52 cm WIDE)

The story of the 'Moo Cow Moo.' - written in ink with cursive script along bottom edge.

Studio photograph contains an image of a female figure and a male child. The woman sits on a platform at right and twists to her left, toward the child, who is sitting in a wire chair at left. Both the woman and the child are gesturing with their hands closed in a fist with the pointer finger extended. The child holds his hands up by his ears, simulating horns, and the woman holds both hands above her shoulders. The woman wears a striped dress and her hair is pulled on top of her head in a loose bun. The boy wears a light colored shirt and shorts with dark stockings and shoes.

Used: Oscar Maurer

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