5.25 in WIDE
(13.33 cm WIDE)
Gift of Steve Briscoe

This single sheet of white paper was printed using a ditto machine, printed purple. The menu if for Thanksgiving Dinner November 21, 1940 and cost $1.25 for relishes, a sea food cocktail, soup, salad, holiday punch, the entree, dessert beverages and assorted fruits, sweets and nuts in a bowl. The top of the menu is decorated with a sticker of a "Tom Turkey" and the bottom of the menu is decorated with a sticker of holly and holly berries. The menu has some pencil check marks (probably what was ordered that day) "Soup: Cream of Chicken Supreme, Entree: Fried Spring Chicken, Desserts: Hot Fudge Sundae."

Ditto was an inexpensive way to reproduce/"print" something. One typed or drew the message on a special sheet of paper that transfered the message in what looked like an indelible ink. A tray of special gelatin was used, the transfer was pressed to the gelatin and rubbed. The message then appear on the gelatin (backwards). A sheet of paper was rubbed over the gelatin, and the message was transfered correctly. Each duplicate sheet was pressed to the transfer individually. This method was a favorite with elementary school teachers who could use it for writing, arthmatic or coloring assignments

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