Then, and Now
11.125 in HIGH x 8.125 in WIDE
(28.26 cm HIGH x 20.64 cm WIDE)
Gift of Sherry Smith Bell

written in graphite, BR: "Ann Chernow"
written in graphite: (BL) "18/20"; (BC) "Then, and Now"

This is a black and white lithograph after Elisabeth-Louise Vig_e-Lebrun's painting, "Self-Portrait" (1800). The print shows a mirror image of the painting's original composition that shows the artist gazing out at the viewer in front of a large canvas holding paintbrushes and a palette.

"Over great societal odds, Elisabeth Louise Vigee Le Brun became one of the most successful portraitists of the eighteenth century. Her inspiring life's story led me to choose her work as the source for my translation. Le Brun's images often convey an appealing sense of timeless, feminine languor. She was admired for her skill as a colorist, her painterly surfaces and her ability to render the luxurious fabrics of her sitters' costumes." / Ann Chernow

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