This crib quilt is an album quilt made of twenty hand embroidered white blocks, with baby blue borders, sashing and binding. The binding and quilting have been done by machine. The blocks feature several different patterns of children and/or animals done in an outline stitch, with a few French knots and lazy daisy stitches. The backing is the same baby blue cotton used on the face of the quilt. The quilting patterns are curves and circle.

This quilt was specifically made for Sue Carol Hayhome when she was a baby in Wyoming by her grandmother, Ethel Dewey Wilson. When the family moved to California in 1941, the quilts came along. The fact that Sue was her granddaughter's name probably accounts for the "Sunbonnet Sue" crib quilt her grandmother made for her (2009.60.1) and for the few Sunbonnet Sue characters scattered in with the Dutch children, lambs and pig on this album quilt. When Sue married her last name became Emery. Her daughter, Debbie Emery also used this quilt as a childin California.

Used: Sue Carol Hayhome | Wyoming | Bakersfield | Hemet | Los Angeles

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