Flier for the 6th International Jug Band Festival, found posted in a shop in Sutter Creek and given to Adam Nilsen by shopkeeper. Flier shows the face of what appears to be a white-bearded African American man about to sip from a jug. Around him are musical instruments and household items used as musical instruments (washboard, spoons, hair comb, etc.). The illustration is hand-drawn in what appears to be colored pencil, and then photocopied in color. Aside from basic information about the festival, other text reads: "Sutter Creek, California will, once again, be the cultural center of the universe!" "Centrally located, Sutter Creek is 1 hour from Sacramento, 2 hours from Oakland, 3 hours from Palo Alto, 4 hours from Santa Cruz, 6 hours from Los Angeles, 10 hours from Portland, 50 hours from Greenwich Village, 4 lightyears from Alpha Centauri." "Sponsored by the California Jug Band Association" "This year's newly expnaded "Jugfest" is held in conjunction with the Sutter Creek Blues & Brews Festival, Saturday evening. Come for a weekend of great roots-of-blues music!"

Used: Sutter Creek | Advertisement

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