By the Wind
early 20th century
10.25 in HIGH x 12.75 in WIDE
(26.03 cm HIGH x 32.38 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Willard M. Nott

Written in ink on paper label attached to center, verso: "Graphic Arts - / Linoleum Print - / Name - By The Wind - / _____ / From Anne Brigman / 55 Roswell Avenue / Long Beach / California / 10.00"Written in ink on verso: "- By The Wind -" (TC above paper label); "block prints" (BC); "My Shadow" (crossed out, BC); "Anne Brigman / 55 Roswell Avenue / Long Beach / California" (upside down, BR).

This is a black ink linoleum block print on laid tissue paper. The tissue is attached to paper, which is attached to a cardboard mat. The composition shows an aerial view looking down over the top of a sea bird with a long wingspan. A sailboat appears below the bird, cutting through water indicated in the print by a pattern of dense wavy lines. Smaller birds appear in the image trailing behind the boat at upper left.

2008.0.27.2 is the printing block used to make 2009.64.8

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