untitled (Used box of Kodak Professional TRI-X 320 Film)
early 21st century
5.75 in HIGH x 4.5625 in WIDE x 1.25 in DEEP
(14.60 cm HIGH x 11.59 cm WIDE x 3.17 cm DEEP)
Gift of the artist

Handwritten in ink on top of box: "EMPTY [crossed out] / HAS FiLM [crossed out] / 32 EXPOSED"

This is an empty box of black and white Kodak Professional TRI-X 320 Film used by Judy Dater. a) orange box top with green and white label, 5.75" x 4.5625" x 1.25" b) black interior box half, 5.375" x 4.25" c) black box bottom with green and white label, 5.5" x 4.375" x 1.125" d-f and g-i) film wrapper, 6.75" x 4.375" x 0.1875," with two rectangular pieces of cardboard inside, each 4.9375" x 3.9375"

Used: Judy Dater

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