7 in WIDE x 2.5 in DEEP
(17.78 cm WIDE x 6.35 cm DEEP)
Gift of Donna Tisdale

Shoe covering, handmade from a cut piece of a South American-style striped woolen blanket, with a piece of rigid wire stitched around the edges. This wire makes it possible to secure the covering over the bottom of the shoe, creating what resembles a slipper. According to Donna Tisdale, who donated these artifacts, immigrants crossing the border from Mexico into California wear these shoe coverings to obscure their footprints. Tisdale calls these "Mexican booties." This artifact was found on Morning Star Ranch, a ranch in the town of Boulevard in San Diego County, two miles north of the California/Mexico border. Donna Tisdale, the owner of the ranch, retrieved this object as one of many items that people crossing the border through her ranch have left behind. In the donor file is a description of the ranch and the border crossers, as well as thoughts on immigration, written by Tisdale.

Used: immigrant ~ Mexico | California/Mexico border | San Diego Co. | Morning Star Ranch

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