Beer bong consists of a thick blue rubber tube, 5 inches wide x 1.25 inches diameter, with a green tube of the same material inserted into a hole in the larger tube. Beer bong is attached to a cardstock backing. Affixed to the larger tube is a paper lable, calling this a "Head Rush Bottle Beer Bong." The front of the backing contains a graphic of what appear to be bubbles, and a cartoon of a buxom woman drinking a beer. It also shows a photograph of the beer bong fitted to a beer bottle. It contains the text "Head Rush: The Ultimate Bottle Bong," "Have a Chug-a-Lug Contest," "Liven Up the Party," "A Great Novelty Gift," "Just like the funnel and tube but now its pocket size," "Slips on top of any bottle...and its down in seconds!" Back side of backing gives instructions for use: "Place thin tube inside beer bottle. Secure Head Rush on top of bottle neck. Place finger on carb-hole and bring tube to mouth. Tilt head back, turn upside down to begin drinking, remove finger from carb-hole......and it's down in seconds!" Other text says: "Great for parties, BBQ's, spring break, bars, river trips, tailgate parties." There is a bar code, and small sticker saying "ASSEMBLED IN MEXICO" affixed over the words "MADE IN USA," which are visible underneath.

Used: party | Drinking

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