9.5 in HIGH x 6.25 in WIDE
(24.13 cm HIGH x 15.87 cm WIDE)
Gift of Leah Gilmore

Souvenir program from the premier opening of the Grand Lake Theatre, March 6th, 1926. The cover is of blue cardstock, and velum separates it from the inside and back covers. Interior is beige paper printed in brown. Most of the 32 pages contain advertisements for local businesses. One part of the program gives some basic information about the theatre: "The telephone number of the Grand Lake Theatre is GLENCOURT 3100. Remember this number. Remember the name of the theatre manager: C.A. Crissell, the representative of West Coast Theatres, Inc. We want you to consider the Grand Lake as your theatre: it is located in your own neighborhood--without your co-operation, your patronage, your good wishes--we could not exist. We want to be your friend, to have you as our friend. Let the Grand Lake Theatre occupy a definite place in this community--let us work for the betterment of our neighborhood, for our theatre and for Oakland."

Used: Grand Lake Theatre | Oakland

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