California Flea Market Series
16.375 in|3 in HIGH x 11.6875 in|21.5 in WIDE x 17.5 in DEEP
(41.59 cm|7.62 cm HIGH x 29.69 cm|54.61 cm WIDE x 44.45 cm DEEP)
Gift of Mark, Annette and Elizabeth Levinson

portfolio (box); cardstock dividers with labels
Clear adhesive label with gold lettering on top and side of portfolio box: "CALIFORNIA FLEAMARKETS - Joel D. Levinson, Twenty-Six, Vintage 16 x 20 Photographs, 1975-77"Frontice page: "CALIFORNIA FLEA MARKETS Joel D. Levinson / Museum Edition Twenty-six Vintage 16x20 Black and White Silver Prints 1975-1986 / All black and white Photographs are Vintage Siver Prints, printed on Portriga Rapid III Matt Paper / (noted as the highest quantity silver content paper ever made for mass use) Selenium Toned and / Printed by Joel D. Levinson from 1975-1986 and sold only in the 11x14 and 16x20 sizes. / Not a singe Black and White print was made or printed after 1986."
See records 2009.96.1.1-2009.96.1.26

This is a portfolio of twenty-six silver gelatin print selenium toned photographs of California flea markets. The portfolio case is a black fabric covered clamshell box with the title on a clear adhesive label attached to the top and side. A white frontis page is mounted on cream cardstock; the text is printed in red, blue, and black ink and gives title and date information for each photograph. The individual photographs each have a corresponding piece of cream cardstock labeled with the artist number and date. (See records 2009.96.1.1-2009.96.1.26 for individual photograph descriptions.)
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