California Flea Market Series, Untitled 57
19.8125 in HIGH x 15.875 in WIDE
(50.32 cm HIGH x 40.32 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mark, Annette and Elizabeth Levinson

portfolio; cream cardstock sheet with photo label
in graphite, verso, BR
handwritten in graphite on verso, bottom margin: "From the 'C.F.M.' Series, Untitled 57, 1977 [copyright] Joel D. Levinson"

This is a black and white photograph taken at a flea-market. The image shows a man at center in a light colored jacket, plaid pants, and a knit cap. A second man appears at far right wearing dark pants, a button down shirt, and a plaid coat. Both men turn toward a human figure at center left that is kneeling on the ground and covered in a plastic bag.

Info from Frontice Sheet - All black and white photographs are vintage silver prints, printed on Portriga Rapid III Matt Paper (noted as the highest quantity silver content paper ever made for mass use) Selenium Toned and printed by Joel D. Levinson from 1975 - 1986 and sold only in the 11 x 14 and 16 x 20 sizes. Not a single balck and white print was made or printed after 1986.

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