(Which Side Are You On? song)
Circa 1979
31.725 in HIGH x 21.125 in WIDE
(80.58 cm HIGH x 53.66 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Poster has black and white photographs of women protestors along the top edge. They are holding signs with "We want a contract" and "We'll hold this line till hell freezes over." On the right is a large photograph of a woman with the caption, "Sara Ogan Gunning." On the left are three bars of music for the song "Which Side Are You On?" Lyrics are printed next to it. The bottom edge has black text that reads, "--if only you was a holding out for Union Pay and Union Hours, and was a setting out on the side of the road a waiting for the big boys to make up their one track mind, and then all at once a car load of pistol packing papas sailed up in a big black sedan, and chased you into your house, and raided it, and tore hell out of everything and took you for a ride in the hills, and beat your head in like a Thanksgiving Punkin, and - maybe if they even done this to your brother or you neighbor or some of your folks, --maybe you could write a song. That's where songs come from." The iconic labor song "Which Side Are You On?" was written by Appalachian activist Florence Reece in 1931. [LMC]

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