Partners in Flight
24 in HIGH x 19 in WIDE
(60.96 cm HIGH x 48.26 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Poster has a color image at the top, pritned on white paper with black text. Image shows a forest scene with a globe in the middle surrounded by trees, animals, reptiles, and mostly birds. A thte top and bottom of the image are borders of the black silhouettes of birds in flight. Below the image, at the bottom of the poster, is "partners in flight / companeros de vuelo". Poster verso has black text and black and white images printed on white paper. At the top is "Partners in flight" imposed over the gray silhouettes of birds in flight. Top half of poster verso has three columns of text about the two lives of migratory birds, in English, Spanish and French, respectively. At the bottom right of the poster is a duplicate of the recto image with numbers near the animals - text to the left of the image serves as a key for identifying the birds. Across the bottom of verso are black and white logos iwth associated sponsor names along with the poster credits.
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