22.85 in HIGH x 17.3 in WIDE
(58.04 cm HIGH x 43.94 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

The poster is printed with text which reads, from top to bottom: Nixon, Frei, and Pinochet / up to this day this bitter/ month of September 1973, / with Bordaberry, Garrastaz_, and Banzer, / hyenas ravening / our history, rodents gnawing / at flags that were raised / with so much blood and fire, / hellish predators / wallowing in haciendas, / satraps bribed a thousand times over / and sell-out, scared / by the wolves of Wall Street, / machines starving for pain, stained by the sacrifice / of a martyred people, / prostitute merchants / of bread and american air, / deadly seneschals, a herd / of whorish bosses / with no other law but torture / and the lashing hunger of the people. / Pablo Neruda, September 1973 / tr. J. Felstiner".

This poem, titled "Las satrap_as" in Spanish (ancient Persian provinces), was Neruda''s last poem. He wrote it after Pinochet''s coup while in a hospital bed dying of cancer. [LMC]
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