Friends Of Mt. Graham
15.5 in HIGH x 10.125 in WIDE
(39.37 cm HIGH x 25.72 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Poster has black and red ink printed on white paper. Across the top is "Friends Of Mt. Graham / (Dzil nchaa si an". At the left is a red and white image of a squirrel screaming with the caption "angry Mt. Graham Red Squirrel" in black below. To the right is "Internation / Day Of Actions / For / Mount Graham / Tuesday / April 5 1994" in black with "12 noon" handwritten below in black ink. Near the center of the poster are three paragraphs of black text about the attempt being made to drill into the mountain to create a complex of telescopes - people are protesting because the mountain is considered one of the most biologically unique mountains in North America and is sacred in the San Carlos Apache community. Following the paragraphs is "Speak Out / On April 5 For / Endangered Species And / Native American Religious Rights". Two horizontal red lines below enclose text handwritten in black ink with the location. At the bottom of the poster is a list of sponsors in black.
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