We Are All One
c. 1967
20.00 in HIGH x 14.00 in WIDE
(50.80 cm HIGH x 35.56 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Lower left corner has: "Double-H Press / San Francisco". Bottom of poster has: "Poster / By... / David / Hodges". Verso is stamped: "SNAG - Distributors / 1940 Parker Street / Berkeley, California 94704".

Poster has a purple and yellow drawing overall. The drawing is composed of two large overlapping circular regions stacked horizontally, and are covered where they meet at the center of the poster by a hexagonal region that contains a six pointer star. At both the right and left sides where the two large circular regions meet there are two smaller circular regions arranged behind them. The upper of the large circular regions has at its center a female figure playing the flute, The top is created by a stylized bird while each side has an image of a tiger and is bounded by a border of a row of elephants. This upper portion also has the text: "We / Are". The lower large circular portion has a male figure with long hair and beard, the bottom of this region is defined by the same stylized bird as mentioned above. The sides of the lower circular region have drawings of a nude male at left and a nude female at right, the sides are bounded by borders with floral designs .This region also has the text: "All One". The central hexagonal element contains a Star of David, at the center of which is a cruciform shape and an eye with the text: "Stick / Pin Here". This region also has numerous stylized depictions of human figures. The four smaller circular fields at the sides each contain Asian characters, the two at left also have a man on horseback, while the two at right have a man on a motorcycle.
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