Democratize Yellow Cab
Circa 1953
16 in. HIGH x 14.875 in. WIDE
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Left edge has: "Labor Donated / FAR".

Poster has a drawing of a taxi cab on driving on a road, the cab is seen from behind, the spare tire and licence plate have the text: "write / or / phone / Yellow Cab / 245 Turk St. / TUxedo 51234". To the left of the car is a stop light with the text: "STOP". The top edge of the drawing has the text: "Support The / National Negro Labor Council / 1433 Divisadero Street / Discrimination In Employment". The bottom edge of the drawing has: "Say - / 'We won't ride of / Negroes can't drive' ". Below the drawing the poster has the text: "Democratize / Yellow / Cab".

This is a rare poster from the period of postwar anticommunism, when it was dangerous to publicly express an opinion counter to the dominant culture. Frank Rowe was a decorated WWII war veteran who refused to sign the Levering Oath in 1950 as a requirement for his teaching art at San Francisco State College, and did not get a job teaching again until 1969, at Laney College. [LMC]16

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