The Pueblo revolt of 1680
22.00 in HIGH x 30.00 in WIDE
(22.00 in HIGH x 76.20 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Lower left corner has "ED/15" handwritten in pencil.

Poster has a dark blue background on the right with black Renaissance style drawings of buildings. Walking out of the dark blue area is a figure dressed in long robes resembling Jesus Christ and carrying a light gold colored cross. The figure is stepping on blue and white drawings of Native American people. In the background are light tan clay Pueblo housing. On top of the houses is a large mouse in a red suit smashing the Jesus figure. Coming out of the smoke stack is a small outline of Mickey Mouses head. The lower left has light tan text. It reads, "The Pueblo revolt of 1680 resulted from the Spanish colonist's violent suppression of Native religiion and their brutal exploitation of Indian Labour. Over 400 Spanish Friars, troops and settlers were killed, and their churches burnt. The spainsh were driven out of their colonial capital of Santa Fe forcing the abandonment of New Mexico for tweleve years. The revolt had been organised by an Indian medicine man known as Popay, who the Spanish had flogged and driven out of San Juan for practising his native religion."
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