Too Much Fun!
21.50 in HIGH x 15.31 in WIDE
(54.61 cm HIGH x 38.89 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"Designed by Vadim Goretsky" printed at top right.

Poster printed with green, orange, yellow, and blue ink on white paper. A figure in yellow clothing posed as if running appears at center. "Too Much Fun!" appears in an arch above the figure in blue font decorated with orange triangles. An arrow pointing up and an arrow pointing to the right appear behind the figure on a two-tone green background. Small graphics on the left and bottom side of the arrows include a Ferris wheel, a sail boat, musical instruments, a person on a horse, a clown face, and a boot with a horseshoe. The page is decorated with a jagged white and orange border on the left, a yellow line border with small squares on the right, and a blue line border on the bottom edge. Sponsors, admission prices, and activities are listed in small print at lower left opposite a logo for Civic Center, San Francisco with the date and time on Labor Day weekend. "Youth Expo '90" is printed across the bottom of the page.
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