The Better Berkeley Committee Will Sponser [sponsor] a Town Meeting
14 in HIGH x 9.25 in WIDE
(35.56 cm HIGH x 23.49 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Small union bug for Berkeley Free Press at bottom center.

Small poster that has a center drawing of a woman. She has swirl designs all over her body, long fingernails, blue bra with fringe, and a blue skirt with fringe. The poster reads, "The Better Berkeley Committee will sponsor a Town Meeting/ Le Conte at School Russell & Ellswood Berkeley, Calif. July 18 7:30 PM/ Free Come Help/ Urban renewal/ police harrassment/ police report to city council/ all concerned welcome/air your gripes/ voice your views/ Malvina Reynold [Reynolds]/ Country Joe and the Fish." Red and blue stars make a border around the text. The Better Berkeley Committee (BBC) was active between 1966 and 1967, and served to counter the oppressive presence of heavy-handed uniformed Berkeley Police patrols in the south side of the Berkeley campus. The BBC formed their own citizen patrols to discourage overt drug dealing as well as to witness police harrassment. Michael Rossman was a chief negotiatior in getting the BPD to back off. David Lance Goines was a member of the BBC patrols. This description written by Michael Rossman: April 1967. We formed the Better Berkeley Committee and spent a year of fruitless dicking-around with the City government -- committees, reports, petitions -- trying for an experimental closure of Telegraph, as a mall and for festivals. Finally someone printed up 500 buttons saying simply TELEGRAPH / APRIL 9. And on that day of good music and public grass, 3,000 friendly people closed the street and played, unmolested. (The Haight beat us to the streetclosing act by a week, but theirs got a bit smashed up by the heat.) We are temporarily bought off from regular trespass by the City's offer of Provo Park for Sunday rock concerts -- a territory the Berkeley High kids had already somewhat liberated, where we tasted our first tear gas in 1965. [LMC]
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