Food not bombs! Free Food!
Late 20th century
17.06 in HIGH x 11.12 in WIDE
(43.34 cm HIGH x 28.26 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Photocopied poster with black print on white paper. Poster consists of all text. "Food Not / Bombs! / Free Food! ...Vegetarian Cuisine at its finest! / 4:00pm every Sunday, Oppenheimer PK / Between Powell and Cordova at Dunlevy / Food not Bombs! Has hit Vancouver!! / We will be serving every Sunday to start out iwth at 4:00pm in Oppenheimer / We are a group of folks who give a shit! / we are non religious, non governmental, non hung up types from all kinds. / Free begitarian meals for all, bring a dish and utensils if you can. / if interested in getting involved with some funky folks then call Food not bombs! / Janis 876-7730, Jeremy 254-2392, Zoe 254-7049..."
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