An Epithalamion (a song sung to a soon-to-be bride by her maidens)
c. 1975
17.75 in HIGH x 25 in WIDE
(45.08 cm HIGH x 63.50 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom left edge has: "women's graphics collective 1226 w. grace chicago, illinois"

Poster has burgundy background. Left side of poster has text: " Never more will the wind / cherish you again, / never more will the rain. / Never more / shall we find you bright / in the snow and wind. / The snow is melted, / the snow is gone, / and you are flown: / Like a bird out of our hand, / like a light out of our heart, / you are gone. / H.D." in gold. Right side of poster has an image of a sculpture that depicts two kneeling women caressing. The bottom left edge has the text: "an epithalamion (a song sung to a soon-to-be bride by her maidens.)".
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