Archbishop Romero Commemoration, March to End the U.S. War in Central America
18.81 in HIGH x 15.12 in WIDE
(47.78 cm HIGH x 38.42 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

A union label for Allied Printing #89 is printed at bottom right.

Poster printed with red and black ink on white paper. The top half of the page has a red background with white text at upper right that reads, "Archbishop Romero / Commemoration / March to End / the U.S. War in / Central / America." An image of Central America patterned with horizontal stripes and labeled with country names is printed just left of the text, and above and to the right of a stylized portrait of Archbishop Romero (a middle-aged man with glasses). The bottom of the page has black text on a white background. Bullet points just below center on the page read, "End All U.S. Aid to El Salvador!," "End the U.S. War Against Nicaragua!," "No invasions! End the occupation of Panama!," and "Cut military spending; Fund human needs!" Text continues, "San Francisco / Saturday, March 24, 1990 / with speakers from El Salvador and Nicaragua / and Rosario Anaya, Jackson Browne, / Ying Lee Kelley, Bonnie Raitt." The names Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt are underlined by hand in blue marker. Two rectangular borders near bottom note an Interfaith Religious Service at St. Mary's Cathedral and information on a rally at Civic Center Plaza. Event information on transportation, contact numbers, and a list of sponsors are printed at bottom in small text.
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