Be All You Can Be
16.00 in HIGH x 12.75 in WIDE
(40.64 cm HIGH x 32.38 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Top right has "(C)D. Minkler 1984" printed in black

Poster has an abstract image of a soldier in a square in the center. He is looking to the left and is wearing two yellow dog tags. Four helicopters and two jets can be seen in the sky. There is a swastika next to the letters "USA" just above the mans eye. This image is surrounded by black text that is also in a square. The text reads: "1. Earn Over $500 A Month To Start. / 2. Enjoy Your Free Time. / 3. Get A Bonus. / 4. Save Up To $8100 For College. / 5. Get Valuable Skill Training. / 6. See More Of The World. " Below this is an abstract shape made up of red and yellow lines as well as black and white polka dot pattern. Below this is: "Be All You Can Be" printed in black.
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