Our Arctic Way of Life
Late 20th - Early 21st Century
18.88 in HIGH x 13.12 in WIDE
(47.94 cm HIGH x 33.34 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom center: "This is an appeal from the Gwich'in chiefs and people of Arctic Village, Venetie, Chalkytsik, Fort Yukon, Old Crow, / Fort McPherson, Arctic Red River, Aklavik, and other traditional communities in northeast Alaska and northeast Canada. / To learn more, please call (907) 258-6814 in Anchorage, Alaska. Thanks you.".

Poster is printed on white paper. Poster has a black background with white text and black and white photographs. At the top is white text that reads: "Our Arctic way of life / has endured for 20,000 / years. Must we now die / for 6 months of oil?". Below this text is a image of an Indian man at the bottom right are two other images, one of a heard of deer and one of a small Indian child wearing a traditional head band. On the rights side is a column of white text that reads: "We have learned something / about the Arctic in the / 20,000 years we have lived up here. / One must not disturb the place / where the caibou go to bear / their young, even in hard times. / Or nothing will remain for future / generations. / This is a lesson some Washington / politicians have not yet learned. / Oil development in the Arctic / National Wildlife Refuge, promoted / by Chevron, Arco, and BP, will end / the way of life that has sustained us / for a thousand generations. . .for six / months of oil. / How will America survive / the next fifty years, let alone the next / thousand years, if our leaders keep / acting like this? / There is a better way and many / people in Congress know it. / Iy is to preserve the Porcupine / Caribou calving grounds as wilderness / ...and keep oil drillers out. / Contact the real decision makers / now. Help protect the Arctic National / Wildlife Refuge. Help us protect our / children and grandchildren. / Experience tells us such wisdom / will safeguard your children as well. / The Gwich'in people / Help us save / our Arctic way of life."
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