Three piece suit designed and made by Jeanne Marc. It has a shirt, skirt and jacket. A: Jacket is pieced, using several different fabrics, gold color, brown and a print that mixes the brown and the gold color. There are six buttons at the front of the jacket, three on each side. There is a matching button on the bottom of either sleeve. The jacket decends to a slight point in the front, below the waistline; the bottom edge is finished with brown bias tape in a small print, which is also used at the cuffs. The jacket was designed to have no collar. Decorative areas of piecing on the body of the jacket are finished off with bias tape in a plain gold color cloth. The pieced sleeves are not pieced symmetrically. B: Skirt is gently gathered at the waistline. It is pieced in vertical panels of cloth matching a brown pattern and the mixed brown and gold colored pattern found in the jacket. the panels, as well as the hemline are finished with the same gold colored bias tape used in the jacket. C: Blouse of the gold colored fabric. The neckline is slightly scooped (but cut like a T-shirt) with the neckline finished with the gold colored bias used on the jacket and skirt. The blouse has short sleeves

The design team of Jeanne Marc is noted for printed fabrics, which they designed, and for the used of multiple printed fabrics within a garment. Bias tape is also part of their design vocabulary.

Used: Amy Slater

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