Manuel Rivera III
c. 1940
3.125 in HIGH x 2.125 in WIDE
(7.94 cm HIGH x 5.40 cm WIDE)
GIft of Alicia Rivera

476/75 33

This black and white glossy snap shot of Manuel Rivera III shows the little boy standing on a porch in front of a chair. He is dressed in the blue, sailor-style outfit that is part of this collection, 2010.80.3. There is no border on the photograph. Stamped on the back is "476." Written in pencil on the back is "75" just above the 476, and the 76 has been crossed out in pencil. Also written on the back in pencil is: "33."

This photo was taken shortly after Manuel's 4th birthday (June 8). Manuel Rivera III was born in San Francisco, but grew up in Oakland. (He later also lived in Los Angeles.) He attended Kindergarten at Emmerson School in Oakland. Grades 1-8 he was at Sacred Heart; his high school was St. Joseph's Seminary in Mountain View. His first two years of college were at the University of San Francisco, his next two were at the University of California, Berkeley, where he graduated. He took his law degree from Loyola University in Los Angeles. At the present time, he practices law in Los Angeles.

Used: souvenir | Momento

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