25.125 HIGH x 7.0625 WIDE x 7.3125 DEEP
Gift of David Gottwald

One Olympic torch (A), one wood carrying case (B), and one soft black faux leather carrying case (C).
A) Olympic Torch, brass circular top with "Fortius, Citius, Altius" separated by the olympic logo over  the raised image of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The shaft is covered in light brown leather with a center brass ring with "Games of the XXIIIrd Olympiad Los Angeles 1984" on it. The bottom brass ring has "1983 LAOOC," "1980 LAOOC," and "TURNER INC. IRWINDALE, CA" and the Olympic logo on it.   
B) Wood rectangular carrying case, the front opens with two doors. Left door has "1984 Olympic Torch Relay" cut out and the right door has "Limited Edition Official Torch" cut out of the left door with a metal clasp holding the two doors together. The interior left door has "On July 20, 1984 James E. Gottwald ran one youth legacy kilometer in Ventura County to Los Angeles County" cut into it. Inside the case, 14 1/2" from the top is a wood rectangular mount to hold the torch. The bottom of the case is lined in blue velvet.
C) Black synthetic soft Olympic Torch carrying case with a black metal zipper running the length of the case and a white felt interior. There is a image of a man running with a torch with lines coming off the back of it in white on the top of the cover and "1983 LAOOC Torch Relay Foundation" on it.

Used: James Gottwald, 1984 Los Angeles Olympics

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