Prayer to the Stars
c. 1909
13.38 in HIGH x 10.25 in WIDE
(33.99 cm HIGH x 26.03 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Willoughby

BR: Copyright symbol Verso TL (prtd slip): Prayer to the Stars/This picture was made for one of the illustra-/tions to Marsh Ellis Ryan's novel "The Flute/of the Gods" showing the devotee as he reaches/out his hands in supplication to his brother/the stars./Mr. Curtis in making his monumental collection of Indian pictures--The North American Indian/64 Cobb Bldg. Seattle, Wash.
OMCA, Great Hall High Bay, "Capturing Light: Masterpieces of California Photography, 1850-2000," March 3 - May 27, 2001.

This is an orotone photograph on glass that shows a Native American figure standing on a mound of earth who is raising his hands upward against the backdrop of a starry sky.

NOTES: Handbook selection, 1984.

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