Portrait of Florence Deshon
9.375 in HIGH x 7.5 in WIDE
(23.81 cm HIGH x 19.05 cm WIDE)
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Dudley P. Bell

Mount, mat, frame,plexi
BRcor mnt (pencil): Margrethe Mather -1921
Verso BLcor of print (pencil): Florence Deshon (illeg)/photograph by/Margrethe Mather/Los Angeles - California/1921/F.D.
The Friends of Anne Brigman (OMCA, Oakes) Sept 13, 1997-Jan 4, 1998. Capturing Light Masterpieces of California Photography, 1850-2000, March 10 - May 26, 2001.

This is a platinum print of Florence Deshon. Deshon appears in the image in three-quarter profile tilting her head toward her shoulder and looking away from the viewer.

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