5 in HIGH
(12.70 cm HIGH)
Gift of the Estate of Helen Hathaway White

B (incised): 353/(Arequipa mark of F.H. Rhead)/AREQUIPA/CALIFORNIA
TOM, "The Potter's Art in California 1885-1955," 1978. TOM, "Reflections of the California Craft Collection," 1984. Erie Art Museum, "Frederick Hurten Rhead: An English Potter in America," 1986. OMCA, Art Special Gallery, "Fired by Ideals: Arequipa Pott

Earthenware bowl with raised linear lily design; tan and white glazes; l'art nouveau decoration on textured matt brown ground.

Illustrated in _Art Pottery_, p. 20; _California Design 1910_, p. 66. The art nouveau floral design is no doubt by Rhead; the decoration is by one of the young women, as the tube lining is uneven and inconsistent and poor in quality. The white areas are overglaze enamels. This piece was probably fired three times.

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