36 in HIGH x 45 in WIDE
(91.44 cm HIGH x 114.30 cm WIDE)
Oakland Museum of California, gift of Marcelle Labaudt

TR: Lucien Labaudt 31
Verso (labels): TL(frame): San Francisco Museum of Art/ Paintings of Lucien Labaudt 10/16/44/No.3852.44/Lender: Mme Labaudt/1407 Gough St/San Francisco, TR (of frame): Carnegie Institute,Pittsburgh, PA/#549/case 194/title/signature/526 Powell, San Francisco; TR (top stretcher): Carnegie Institute/title/signature/address (526 Powell); CT (stretcher):(typed) Lucien Labaudt/title (Carnegie 1932)/address (526 Powell)
Carnegie Institute. Pittsburgh, Pa. 30th Annual International Exhibition of Painting. 1931 CPLH. S.F. Lucien Labaudt. 1933 SFMMA. Lucien Labaudt (Memorial Exhibition). 1944. Rotunda Galleries of City of Paris. S.F. 1945. // The Fabric of Life:150

Handbook Selection, 1984. Depicts custom dress shop that the Labaudts owned. Central figure is Marcelle. Labaudts designed costumes for artists' balls before WWII that were held in San Francisco Civic Auditorium. Marcelle Labaudt is wife of artist.
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