The Functional Family (after Velasquez)|Kid's Version, Mom's Version, Dad's Version
40 in HIGH x 26 in WIDE
(101.60 cm HIGH x 66.04 cm WIDE)
Gift of the artist, Oakland Museum Art Guild, W. Clark and the Haines Gallery

frames, plexi
Mom's version (b): br (pencil) mls 93; Dad's version (c) (pencil) br: mls 93
Haines Gallery

This is a triptych in gouache on Aquarelle paper that shows three variations on a family scene after the 17th century painter Diego Vel�zquez. In the "Kids Version," the children sit on an upholstered bench at lower left watching television while their parents serve them food on trays. In the "Dad's Version," the father watches television while his wife washes dishes behind him at center. The children appear at lower right, sitting at a table writing by candlelight. The "Mom's Version" shows the mother reading on the couch at lower left while her husband and son do the dishes behind her. The daughter, who is surrounded by books and papers, peers into a microscope on the floor at lower right.
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