4.5 in HIGH x 8 in WIDE x in DEEP
(11.43 cm HIGH x 20.32 cm WIDE x cm DEEP)
California | Australia
Gift of Miss Edna Gardner

Disposition, Financer's Case

Bags of very heavy white canvas. a. 3-27-97--5000 Treasurer so. Pac. Co., San Francisco. B. 5-3-95--5000 Treasurer So. Pac. Co., San Francisco. C. National Bank of D.O. Mills & Co., Sacramento, Calif. D. Royal Mint, Sydney. From the History Information Station: Objects: Two canvas money bags, each stamped "Treasurer, Southern Pacific Co. Each bag has a serial number: 3-27-97-5000 and 5-3-95-5000. History: Train conductors and station agents counted the money they collected each day and sent it in bags like thse to the railroad's central office. The employees recorded the bag numbers and amounts contained, to insure that all of the bags, and their money, reached their destination safely. The money was counted at the office, and cross-checked with the information provided by the agents. This was another instance of the tightly controlled organization of the railroad's administration.
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