late 19th century
Gift of Mrs. Joseph S. King, Jr.

Shawl, Chanitilly lace, black, three-cornered. (Donors husband was nephew of Mrs. Requa of Oakland.) this material used by donor when she resided in Oakland at 11th & Madison St. From the History Information Station: Object: Black silk lace mantilla from the late 19th century. History: On special occasions Californio women wore black or white lace mantillas as head coverings. The mantilla is a triangular scarf, which a woman wore with one point fastened to the hair above her forehead, the rest falling in graceful folds over her shoulders and across her back. When wearing a high comb in the hair came into style, women draped their mantillas over it, giving them a greater opportunity to display their finest lace. Lace mantillas such as this one were expensive, and only the wealthy could afford them. Gift of Mrs. Joseph S. King

Used: Mrs. Joseph S. King, Jr. | Downtown neighborhood

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