8 in HIGH x 2 in WIDE x 0.5 in DEEP
(20.32 cm HIGH x 5.08 cm WIDE x 1.27 cm DEEP)
Gift of Herbert Hamlin

Surgeon's instrument kit: A:box of walnut with attached deep lid, brass inlay corner braces and oval inscription plaque in center of lid top. B:lid compartment cover. Detachable,of navy blue velvet on one side,green quilted silk on other. C:base compartment lid cover. Detachable,of navy blue velvet. Instruments in lid: D:bone saw with serrated blade. E:dental forceps. F:bone knife with serrated blade. Instruments in base: G:double bladed knife. H:long bladed knife. I:medium bladed knife. J:blade scalpel. K:pick scalpel. L:hook scalpel. M:scalpel handle. N:tourniquet of steel with cotton webbing strap. O:extractive forceps. P:smooth tip scalpel. Q:trepan handle. R:long bladed scalpel....MWK 11-93: condition: excellent, box needs to be numbered.

Used: medicine

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