ca. 1850-1900
7.25 in HIGH
(18.41 cm HIGH)
Museum Purchase

Bamboo brush, used in cleaning of woks. From the History Information Station: Woks are shallow metal bowls used in Chinese cooking. Traditionally made of iron, they are set directly over the cooking fire. They heat quickly, and are an efficient cooking tool for quick-frying and steaming food. Wok cooking has become popular among non-Chinese as well as Chinese Californians in the 20th century. Today many people own wok brushes just like this one. A wok's surface needs to be very carefully cleaned, to keep it in shape for fast, precise Chinese cooking. It can never be scrubbed with corrosive soap, but only with water and a wok brush. Then it should be wiped dry and placed back on the fire to dry it completely. Rust can badly damage a wok.

Used: Chinese American | Chinese | Food preparation

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