18th Century|17th Century
34 in HIGH x 24 in WIDE
(86.36 cm HIGH x 60.96 cm WIDE)
Museum Purchase

"Iluminaciones: Day of the Dead Indigenous and Colonial Expressions," History Special Gallery, October 12-December 5, 2004.

Painting. (Cataloguing changed on 9/28/04 by S. Macarron) Archangel Saint Raphael. He is depicted with his classic attributes: a pilgrim's staff and gourd and he is holding a fish. Saint Raphael, whose name means "Medicine of God" was chief of the guardian angels. He is mentor to young Tobias, who at Saint Raphael's suggestion caught a fish, saved the gall and used it in an ointment to cure his father's blindness. | Original cataloguing: Description: Mexican oil painting of Archangel Michael. Disposition: On exhibit
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