The Clinton Mound Tract is bound on the west by Watson Ave. and on the east by Clinton Ave. The northern boundary street is Excelsior Ave. and the southern boundary street is Prospect Ave. The other north-south streets are Oak St., Spruce St., and Pine St. Lincoln Ave. bisects the subdivision in an east-west manner. An index map is also provided which locates the Cliton Mound Tract. The "Tract List" compiled by Quentin dates this tract at 1868? and 1869. E.C. Sessions is cited is the real estate agent. The lots are priced at $150 each for inside lots and $200 for corner lots. (D. Cooper, 2/1999) Inset maps show the relationship between Oakland, Brooklyn and Alameda. Central Pacific piers are shown extening from 7th Street out at Oakland Point and extending across Alameda/Encinal and into the Bay. San Antonio Creek is prominent as is the "Proposed Lake" where Lake Merritt is now. One inset map shows both sides of the Bay and one is a more detailed view of Oakland and Brooklyn. This map would date after the arrival of the railroad in 1869 and perhaps before the annexation of Brooklyn in the 1870s.

Used: William F. Boardman

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