Bromley's Residence, Echo City
circa 1868
9.9375 HIGH x 13 WIDE x 0.0625 DEEP
(25.24 HIGH x 0.16 DEEP)
Museum Purchase

"126. Bromleys Residence Echo City" inscribed in emulsion along top edge.

Photograph. Title: 126 Bromley's Residence Echo City (Scratched on negative) Image Description: See title. Physical Description: "Imperial Plate" collodion glass negative, 10"X13". Sub. Cat.: Transportation -- Railroads. The Bromley house is also believed to have been used as a pony express station.

"There are two Bromley's mentioned by Maury Klein in Union Pacific. "Issac Bromley" is a government official working with or for Charles Adams on behalf of the Union Pacific. Most of his work seems to have been done in Washington DC. "Issac H. Bromley" is a newspaperman hired by Adams as a lobbiest for the Union Pacific. Neither is noted as living in the west." Remarks per Glenn Willumson for the NEA Russell Grant, July 2013 - June 2015.

Public Domain Mark
This work (by Andrew J. Russell), identified by Oakland Museum of California, is free of known copyright restrictions.

Used: Union Pacific Railroad

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