Colfax and Party
3.3125 HIGH x 3.25 WIDE x 0.125 DEEP
(8.41 HIGH x 0.32 DEEP)
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"Sedgwick 316" handwritten in ink at bottom left on lantern slide edge. "316" is written diagonally over the 'k' in Sedgwick upside down.

"Sedgwick" #316 Colfax and Party, closer view. Old number may be Russell negative number. See donor file.

New Identification by Susan Williams 8/6/98

Individuals identified from left to right:

1. Possibly Maria Witney, a close friend of Samuel Boweles;

2. Samuel Bowels, Publisher of the Springfield Republican and author of "Across the Continent" and "Our New West".;

3. Mary Boweles, wife of Samuel Bowles;

6. Schyler Colfax, vice-president of the United States in the Grant administration;

8. Ellen "Nellie" Wade Colfax, wife of Schuler Colfax, daughter of Theodore Wade and niece of Senator Wade of Ohio. She married Colfax November 18, 1868.

12. William P. Kennedy, Union Pacific Railroad Paymaster in charge of construction funds

13. William Bross

Colfax and his party were revisiting California via the newly opened transcontinental railroad on a quasi political/honeymoon trip during the summer of 1869. The party stopped in Salt Lake City on its return fromthe west coast early in October. In Salt Lake, Colfax made a "anti-polygamy" speech from the balcony of the Townsend House Hotel that reflected the Grant Administration's contentious policy toward Mormonism. On their way east, the party stopped at Echo City where Russell took the stereos.

Bowles first used the phrase "Across the Continent" in 1856, the same title that Russell gave his stereoptican series. Bowles; letters, written during his first western trip, wee published in serial form in his newspaper. These letters probably inspired Russell's to write letters describing his experiences in the west to "Anthony's Photographic Bulletin", the "Nunda News" and "Frank Leslie's Illustrated." The more I read about this period, the more I understand what was influensing Russell's writing and photography. Recent biographers of Samuel Bowles do not discuss this trip perhaps to avoid discussing his anti-Mormon sentiments.

Remarks per Glenn Willumson for the NEA Russell Grant, July 2013 - June 2015:

"Schuyler Colfax was a representative from the State of Indiana, Speaker of the House (1863-1869) and Vice-president under Grant (1869-1873)."

Public Domain Mark
This work (by Andrew J. Russell), identified by Oakland Museum of California, is free of known copyright restrictions.

Used: Stephen J. Sedgwick

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