Sunday March 14, 1858
18 in HIGH x 12 in WIDE
(45.72 cm HIGH x 30.48 cm WIDE)
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California Kitchen Exhibit

newspaper. Description: Newspaper, "Ubiquitous;" Vol. 1; Sacramento: Sunday Morning, March 14, 1858. No. 4. History: "Ubiquitous", according to John Swingle at Alta California Bookstore, is famous because it was a major voice against vigilanteism. The publisher was run out of San Francisco and so took up publishing the paper in Sacramento. From the History Information Station: The "Ubiquitous" published news, gossip, and moral tales. The lead story in this edition warns readers against gambling and drinking, and is illustrated with engravings of "typical" degenerates. The author attributes the moral failings of one of these degenerates, Ben Patten, to his being a Jew; "because Patten is famous as a poker player, an associate of the lewd women of San Francisco, and withal a Strangler, we incline to the opinion that he is an offspring of the crucifyers." The "Ubiquitous" was originally published in San Francisco and gained fame as a voice against the unorthodox activities of the city's Vigilance Committee. The paper's outspokeness got its' editor Edward McGowan, run out of town, so he moved to Sacramento and continued his campaign.
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