19th c
2.5 in|4 in HIGH x 13.5 in|15 in WIDE x 6 in|8 in DEEP
(6.35 cm|10.16 cm HIGH x 34.29 cm|38.10 cm WIDE x 15.24 cm|20.32 cm DEEP)
Gift of Miss Carmel Grace Martinez

horsehair ropes, two. Description: a. Horsehair rope, or mecate. Made from the hairs from the manes and tails of horses. This one is in various shades of light and dark brown. b. horsehair rope, or macate. Dark brown, almost black in color. Thicker than the one above. Has a lether knot at head of one tassel. Ther ropes came from the ranch of Don Jose Martinez. He was born in Santa Barbara in 1815. He was an organizer and lieutenant of the San Francisco Militia, but spent most of his life managing the Ranco Pinole in Contra Costa County, the estate of his father, Don Ignacio Martinez, commandant of the San Francisco Presidio 1822-1831. Don Jose married Dona Carmen Peralta, granddaughter of of Don Luis Maria Peralta and great granddaughter of Captain Jose Francisco Ortega, discoverer of San Francisco Bay and founder of the Presidio of Santa Barbara. The donor is great granddaughter of Don Jose Martinez.

Used: Rancho Pinole ~ Don Jose Martinez | Hispanic American

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